Ginny Easterling

Ginny Easterling, RN

Children's Health Children's Medical Center Dallas and Children's Health Children's Medical Center at Legacy
Dallas, Texas
United States

Photo information:Congratulations from Mary Stowe RN MS NEA-BC,Vice President,Chief Nursing Officer
and members of the C12 Leadership Team

We have recently seen many oncologic patients who were nearing end of life in the ICU. One of our nurses, Ginny Easterling, attended and made a difference in, care conferences for two of these patients. With each patient, Ginny went into the care conference with no personal agenda, but that of making her patient's life better. She was outspoken, and made a significant difference in the care rendered. In one child's case, some of her family members wanted the patient's pain meds stopped so the patient would be more awake. As the medical attendees were agreeing to these demands, Ginny spoke up and advocated for the patient. She had seen the extreme agony this child had gone through. Ginny was able to convince the team and the family that it was not in the child's best interest.

The second patient’s care conference was not going well due to unclear leadership with new medical/APN staff involvement. Identifying the family’s struggle to know what to ask, Ginny stepped up, and helped guide the family to get necessary answers from the medical team. These were both very emotional events, but Ginny was professional and very much a patient advocate.

Her actions are commendable, and highlight why she is such an asset to our team in the ICU. Ginny helped bring clarity to stressful and emotional situations in a caring and professional manner. Her willingness to go above and beyond to advocate for her patients and their families demonstrates all the criteria of the Daisy award. She showed integrity in maintaining her patient’s priorities, compassion in the way she communicated with a family in crisis, accountability in taking an active role in the treatment plan, respect in listening to all members of the care team, and excellence in nursing judgment and professional behavior. I am very proud to nominate her for the DAISY award.