Gloria Chavez

Gloria Chavez

Gloria Chavez, RN, BSN

MetroSouth Medical Center
Blue Island, Illinois
United States
Anyone who has Gloria as their assigned nurse is guaranteed to get the very best care offered.

Gloria was my night nurse during my recent stay at MetroSouth.  One night, I was scheduled for a CT-Scan to help determine the extent of my infection.  I have an allergy to iodine contrast media so I had a narrow window in which I could do the procedure before the preparation medications were metabolized.  The people in radiology didn’t have a second technician to monitor me for a reaction, so Gloria accompanied me to and from the scan.  She was there with me the whole time so that if I did begin to react to the dye, she could stop the reaction as quickly as possible.

Sure enough, when I got back to my room, the reaction started.  Gloria was immediately at my bedside to treat me for the reaction.  Her method of treating the beginning of a reaction was, “Not on my watch” which was very comforting to me.  An hour or so later, when the side effects from the drugs to treat the reaction were not subsiding as quickly as anticipated, Gloria was right there again, to help bring things under control.

She’s calm, accurate, quick to handle any problems, and her caring, kind nature shines through in her bedside manner.  Anyone who has her as their assigned nurse is guaranteed to get the very best care offered.  She is an asset to MetroSouth and an extraordinary caregiver.