Heather Wierima

Heather Wierima

Heather Wierima, RN, BSN

Antepartum/Gyn Surgery
Saint Joseph Hospital (CO)
Denver, Colorado
United States

I was a patient at St. Joseph’s Hospital following a total vaginal hysterectomy. Heather Wierima was my night nurse. I had a lot of pain and a lot of discomfort and was unable to take certain medications due to my bleeding disorder. Nurse Wierima was kind, gentle, considerate, and full of great ideas. Rather than just telling me to deal with the pain, she tried a couple of ideas including a heating pad. When the 1st heating pad didn’t work, she found another. When they came in to draw blood at 3:00 am, she came in to take my vitals, even though they weren’t due for an hour. She let me know that by doing them then, she would not need to disturb me again in an hour.

She never made me feel like a bother. She was always willing to listen to me and help me problem-solve. My husband spent the night because he was worried about me. She made sure he was as comfortable as possible and was also sure to let him know how much his presence meant to both her and me.

Nurse Wierima made a very long night in the hospital tolerable. I would like to thank her for all she did. Sometimes people forget it is the little things that mean so much.