Intensive Care Unit at Physicians Regional Collier

Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit at Physicians Regional Collier

Physicians Regional Collier
Naples, Florida
United States
Deborah Pilcher RN, Director/Nurse Leader of ICU, Bridgette Rogers RN, Joy Christianson RN, Arlene Whittenburg RN, Marissa Laney RN, Lydiah Ndirangu RN, Rebecca Bryant RN, Micah Bowler RN, Angel Squirewell RN, Maciej Maksimowicz RN, Becky Danis RN, Matt Miller RN, Marla Copeland RN, Maureen Garbinski RN, Tahnee Guite RN, Lauren Doan RN, Tina Roe RN, Elbe Yap-Alvarez RN, Ashlyn Brewster RN, Sergio Gomez PCT, Sydney Levy PCT, Samantha Brousseau Unit Coordinator.

My daughter was brought to PRHS-CB. She was transferred to the ICU and spent approximately 10 days. I wish to thank you and all of the staff at PRHS-CB for their compassion, competence, attention to detail, and genuine concern for her well-being and ours, not one other facility even comes close to delivering the experience we had with you.  The nurses in ICU were all so caring.  Further, each staff member honored our expression of faith in Jesus Christ and was especially kind and considerate during the hours we prayed.


The ICU nurses proved to our family that caring nurses continue to exist. Compassionate care, excellent communication, angels of total care, the ICU staff made our stay in the ICU bearable. Their sunny disposition is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being so wonderful. Keep doing your job, this is your calling.