Jacinda Anderson

Jacinda Anderson

Jacinda Anderson, RN

The Birth Center
Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics
Tyler, Texas
United States

Nomination 1 received July 2012:

I am a charge nurse on the Mother/Baby unit, which is a sister unit to The Birth Center where Jacinda works. Nurses with demonstrated competency in caring for various patient populations sometimes float to another unit to help meet patient care needs. Not all nurses are agreeable to being floated, but Jacinda came to float to our unit with a smile on her face. She is always very compassionate to all her patients and coworkers. She is awesome to work alongside and I am so thankful for her assistance. RP - coworker

Nomination 2 received October 2012:

Jacinda was my nurse during my delivery and I could not have asked for a better nurse. She was very compassionate, caring, nurturing, informative and knowledgeable about everything that was happening. She made my labor experience so much better than I could have ever imagined. Following my delivery, when I was going to be transferred to another unit, I did not want to leave her care. She deserves the DAISY Award because she truly is an extraordinary nurse. I wish everyone could have a nurse like Jacinda. LN - patient

Nomination 3 received November 2012:

Jacinda was my birthing nurse when I had my son. She is such a kind and compassionate nurse. She was my cheerleader during the entire labor and made sure that I was as comfortable as possible, given the situation. She also had a nursing student observing her that day. By the time the day was over, I truly believe that nursing student gained so much knowledge that she will be able to use for the rest of her nursing career. I work in the Mother Frances Hospital-Tyler pharmacy and I have always seen the hard work nurses put into their jobs, but I had never seen it from the perspective of a patient. Jacinda really shows what a nurse is supposed to be. I am really happy that I had such a kind and compassionate person helping me through my labor and being there with me as we welcomed my precious son into this world. JZ - patient and coworker

Nomination 4 received December 2012:

From the time I entered my room and Jacinda's shift started; she showed me compassion and was very patient with me. We talked about me being a first time mom and she made my stay at Mother Frances Hospital-Tyler very pleasant. She was wonderful to me. I know I was not her only patient, but she sure made me feel like I was. I never felt rushed or ignored. She answered all my questions and my concerns and as a first time mother, I had a lot. I feel truly blessed to have met such a wonderful nurse. I was also very impressed with how well the entire team of nurses and physicians worked together. They were a wonderful team. Thank you again. BM - patient

Nomination 5 received March 2013:

Jacinda was my nurse and she was so kind, thoughtful and caring the whole time I was in the hospital. She took time to explain everything to me and made sure I understood. She not only took great care of me, but she also involved my family and made sure they had everything they needed. MJ - patient

Nomination 6 received May 2013:

I was a patient at Mother Frances Hospital-Tyler for a surgical procedure. Jacinda was my nurse and she was super nice and personable. What made her service extraordinary was that she explained everything that was going to happen and what did happen in detail. She made sure I understood everything. She answered all of my questions and was very professional. She made what I had anticipated as being a very anxious situation, become a very relaxed one. My husband was also very impressed and comfortable with Jacinda. I am so grateful she was my nurse that day. KB - patient

Nomination 7 received June 2013:

Jacinda was extremely helpful, caring, compassionate, and thoughtful during the delivery of my second child. I really appreciate all she did to help me through this process. I had a scheduled C-section and thanks to Jacinda, this one was a much better experience than the first. I really appreciate her maintaining my modesty in a room full of people. I am a nurse and I know how difficult it is to do everything Jacinda did for me. Thank you for all you did for me and for the extraordinary care you provide. SC - patient

Nomination 8 received June 2013:

Jacinda was my labor and delivery nurse during the birth of our second child. She was so caring and thorough with everything that was happening. She answered all of our questions, even the ones we asked numerous times, with such compassion! I really cannot put into words how much my family and I appreciated her extra attention and care! MN and family - patient

Nomination 9 received June 2013:

Jacinda was exceptional in her care, knowledge and empathy during the delivery of our son. Whether it was while I was pushing in labor, or answering my frantic calls as a first time mom trying to learn how to properly breastfeed, she met each situation and question with friendliness and grace. I want to say "thank you" for her outstanding efforts. MB - patient

Nomination 10 received July 2013:

Jacinda made me and my family feel welcome from the moment we were under her care until we were transferred to a different nursing unit. She was very supportive of my ever-changing birth plan. We loved her positive, encouraging attitude and gentle words. We appreciated it so much when she came to visit us on the post-partum unit. It is obvious she really enjoys what she does because it definitely shows! CE and family - patient

Nomination 11 received August 2013:

I gave birth to my first child, a son in June. I was able to achieve a drug-free, natural birth at Mother Frances Hospital-Tyler but it did not come easy. I had done all the reading and mental / physical preparation for his birth, but I knew that labor and childbirth could be unpredictable, and I knew I could not do it on my own.

At 7:30 am, I began to push with my husband and mother at my side. With my eyes squeezed shut, focusing completely on my task, the night nurse announced she was leaving and Jacinda would be was taking over my nursing care. At that time, I was not even aware of Jacinda's presence in the room, until I heard her soothing voice and felt her loving touch that seemed to convey calm and confidence. I knew then, God had blessed me with the perfect nurse for the job. She guided me through all the birthing positions I had read about in my books. When one way did not produce results, she offered up another plan, then another, and another. When I had been pushing for much longer than my Obstetrician was comfortable with, Jacinda believed in me and was my advocate, informing my physician that I had made significant progress over the previous hour.

My husband asked for 30 more minutes to attempt natural childbirth before making a decision to intervene medically or worse, surgically. Hearing the concern in everyone's voice, I knew I had to get to work. Feeling empowered by my team that believed in me, and the knowledge that God created my body in the most perfect way to deliver life, my son was born 30 minutes later. He weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces, measured 21 inches long, and was healthy and perfect.

I am a Registered Nurse at Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital and I know an excellent nurse when I see one. As a nurse, it is tough being a patient, and I questioned how good I would be with the roles being reversed. Jacinda made it easy for me to be the patient - I trusted her and felt safe in her care.

She honored and respected my wishes regarding my plan for a drug-free natural birth, while doing everything else her job required. She provided the perfect example of individualized patient-centered care. She was so humble, and many times thanked me and my family for having her as part of our experience. We just want her to know that it was SHE who was OUR blessing! AM and family - patient

Nomination 12 received August 2013:

Six weeks prior to her due date, my wife was admitted to Mother Frances Hospital-Tyler for preeclampsia. Due to the severity of her condition, we knew that she would go into labor within 48 hours. Four other nurses cared for my wife before Jacinda showed up at 7 am sharp on the day we would deliver our baby boy. Throughout that day, Jacinda exhibited not only excellent nursing skills but also love, compassion, and an open mind to make my wife's day as comfortable as possible. She consistently came into the room more than necessary to ask "How are we doing", "Can I get you anything" and so much more. My wife came to ask where is "my Jacinda" when she needed something. From a husband's point of view, seeing a nurse that went above and beyond to take a situation where early delivery was imminent, and ensure that my wife was as comfortable as possible, made me at ease. I knew she was truly getting the best care possible. I truly believe God puts extraordinary people in our lives when we need them the most. The extraordinary person in our life that day was our Registered Nurse. Please consider Jacinda for the DAISY Award. She is a very deserving and kindhearted young woman who does not only work in a job as a nurse, she steps up her care to the level of extraordinary nurse. IM - family