Jack Douglas

Jack Douglas, RN

Emergency Care Center
Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics
Tyler, Texas
United States

Jack Douglas received FOUR nominations!

“Jack always gives 110% to patient care and customer service. Our patients in Jacksonville routinely comment both in person and on surveys about his caring, compassionate attitude. He not only has this great attitude with patients - he is a great team player. He makes the team that works around him better just by being in the unit. I would describe him as a calming influence no matter what storms arise daily. He exemplifies the type of customer service we all should all strive to reach.”

“Jack has to be the most caring, soft spoken, calm, and compassionate man out of his coworkers. He always has a smile on his face. He is always on task. He always shares a kind word, and is very attentive to his patients. He is ready for the next challenge at all times, and very welcoming and encouraging to others. He never forgets to tell a patient ‘thanks for letting us treat you’. Jack has a Gentle Soul.”

“Jack is always compassionate and sweet with every patient. He is great to work with.”

“Jack has impressed me several times with his overall care of others, especially in the Emergency Room setting. Not only does he take the time to care for the patients, but he truly shows that he cares by following up and going above and beyond. I wish everyone would take his approach in life, because things would truly be better in our world.”

Jack’s nominations also impressed the nominating committee who commented, “The calming factor in a stressful environment is a consistent theme. Several descriptive words were used that epitomize the DAISY Award: compassionate, caring, calming, gentle, great attitude, team player.”