Jackie Bernal

Jackie Bernal, RN

Peripheral IV catheter team (PIC team)
Driscoll Children's Hospital
Corpus Christi, Texas
United States

I would like to nominate Cynthia and Jackie for the DAISY award. This duo is quite a team. I believe they need to be recognized because they routinely go above and beyond. This example shows clearly their dedication to our kids that have special needs.
A patient was expected to be seen in clinic for a central line dressing change. The mom had called to say they we going to miss the appointment because the child was having other issues and they would go to the ED instead.
This nurse could have easily gone home and be done for the week. Instead at 1630 had called the ED to see if we needed any assistance in changing central line dressing, or if the child was placed in room they could get to it if the Doctor gave the okay.
During the dressing change it was noticed by our astute nurses that on arm was 2cm in diameter larger and appeared slightly red. They reported their finding to the MD, and an order for ultrasound was obtained. The results of the ultrasound indicated a thrombus and arrangements were made immediately to address this issue.
Thank you for doing what you do! I privileged to work with team players that put the interest of the patients ahead of their own.