Jacquelyn Ammons

Jacquelyn Ammons

Jacquelyn Ammons, BSN, RN, CCRN-CSC

Roper Hospital
Charleston, South Carolina
United States

Jackie is well respected by her peers and brings a contagious energy to each shift. She displays a positive attitude at all times no matter what the circumstances may bring. Jackie's communication style and interpersonal skills are professional, effective and concise. These skills are used in a pre-operative class she teaches weekly for patients and family members who prepare to undergo open heart surgery.

Jackie is punctual and diligent. Her appearance is meticulous and she constantly models the Standards of Behaviors. Jackie's commitment to her patients is reflected in the care and compassion she provides. Her warm personality is appreciated by patients and family members as well as coworkers.

Jackie is dual certified as a CCRN and CSC (cardiac surgery), clinical preceptor and mentor, as well as a dedicated Charge Nurse. Because she is incredibly inquisitive, intuitive, and level-headed, Jackie was chosen as a representative of the Roper Nurse Peer Review Committee, which in her words, offers "the opportunity to suggest changes in the standards of care to reflect best practice". Jackie's contributions to the unit have had an incredibly positive impact on the unit morale and teamwork, as well as our patient outcomes.