Jaimie Albert

Jaimie Albert

Jaimie Albert, RN

4 Medical
Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center
Mattoon, Illinois
United States

As a Secret Service agent (retired) with 40 years' experience, I have been in hospitals all over the world, including Rochester, Houston, and Washington D.C., among others. Never have I been in a hospital with nurses and staff as pleasant, nice and compassionate as your hospital.

While the entire nursing staff and care providers on 4 East were excellent, there are two nurses who I feel went above and beyond what might have been expected of them. Their compassion and concern for me and attitude toward me was quite professional, yet their sense of care, sense of humor and all-around generous helpfulness and cheerfulness made me feel very special. This treatment endeared both to me, and I know this contributed to my return to good health more quickly. Also, both nurses often spoke with my daughter, K, keeping her updated on my well-being. K, in turn, was able to keep my wife and other children better informed on my status.

I was up there alone yet Jaimie Albert and Sydney Hadfield constantly befriended me and cheered me up, ensuring I had little time to feel lonesome. It is amazing how much a pleasant and positive attitude on the part of nurses and other caregivers can aid a patient. Both young ladies excelled, and for that I am thankful.