James Fitsimones

James Fitsimones, RN

UAMS Medical Center
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States

James Fitsimones - RN – Cardiovascular/Surgical/Trauma ICU

Here is what Stacey G. had to say about Jim: “My son was in a car accident that nearly killed him. The first nurse I remember having contact with was Jim. Being both a mother and an APN did not prepare me for what was happening. Everything I knew about nursing went out the door and Jim realized this. Even though Jim is a man, he cared greatly and was very nurturing. While my son was intubated, Jim looked at me and realized that I was very worried and couldn’t think of what to do, so he told me to just be there for him and to love on him. This advice meant the world to me. Jim also explained everything in layman’s terms and didn’t try to talk to me on a nurse to nurse level, but as a nurse to mother because he knew I couldn’t think as a nurse at the moment. Jim showered and shaved my son so tenderly and gently and suggested that I bring his personal deodorant and body wash so he would smell like a man rather than a hospital or woman. When my son moved to step down, Jim stopped by at least twice to check on him and to encourage him to keep up the good work. Once my son was moved to a regular room, he still stopped by and reminded him how far he had come and that he didn’t need to give up, but continue fighting so he could go home to his 18 month old child. Jim is very smart and his compassion is very nurturing. Everyone at UAMS is great, but Jim was the best of the best.”

CONGRATULATIONS to Jim for being selected as our January DAISY of the Month recipient!