Jane Huneycutt

Jane Huneycutt

Jane Huneycutt, RN

Carolinas Medical Center - NorthEast
Concord, North Carolina
United States

I am writing this nomination for Jane Huneycutt, RN. Jane has taken care of my brother on 2 separate occasions recently in the Emergency Department. My brother has special needs from a traumatic injury from when he was young. On these admissions he has been extremely ill. He is a challenging patient to care for, emotionally and physically. He knows how he likes things and not much else will do. Jane remembered him and his quirks but this is what made her care so meaningful:

On the second admission from the SNF, we had the big snow and ice storm. My mother was unable to come to the ECC. Jane called my mother and updated her every 3o minutes to one hour consistently. She reassured her that she would take “Excellent” care of him and that she would not have to worry. We knew he was in good hands. When my brother went for his tests, he wanted a Mountain Dew. Jane remembered that was his favorite drink and she told him that after his tests, she would get him one. She would not allow anyone else to go and get it for him. This was her present to him for completing his tests. She would go and buy them with her own money.

I am nominating Jane for a DAISY Award because I feel like everything that she did went above and beyond her call of duty. The amount of compassion and genuine caring she showed was tremendous. Jane is the epitome of what we would like to see from all nurses and we should consider ourselves blessed that she is a part of our team here at CMC-Northeast.