Jason Cruz

Jason Cruz, RN

Kaiser Permanente Redwood City Medical Center
Redwood City, California
United States

Jason has always exemplified the practice of professionalism and compassionate caring to his patients and their families. His dedication and commitment to take care of his patients has been an inspiration to all the staff, and has exemplified the art of the Nursing profession.

During my stay in the hospital after my Ortho surgery, Jason was my Nurse, and there was not an occasion during my 4 day stay in his care that when I “buzzed” for assistance that he wasn’t there within a minute. He would come into my room, check my condition, calm me down, and by the time he left I was laughing. How do you top that? He, along with the Orthopedic Nurses, are “head and shoulders” above the competition. He deserves an “Atta-boy” for coming out of his way to demonstrate his compassion and caring attitude towards his patients.