Jay Brownson

Jay Brownson

Jay Brownson, RN

Renown Regional Medical Center
Reno, Nevada
United States
On his lunch break, Jay drove, filled, and delivered the prescriptions to his patient's wife.

Jay exemplifies exceptional patient care. A recent example of this comes to mind. Upon completing a new patient's admit profile, Jay couldn't help but noticed the patient's wife was not feeling well. Noting the armband on her wrist, Jay inquired if she had recently been a patient herself. She confided that in fact she had just discharged herself, but had yet to actually leave the hospital before her husband himself had been admitted. After continued thoughtful questioning, it was clear to Jay this patient's wife was need of addition care and support before she could care for now ailing husband. Most importantly, she had mentioned how she still needed to fill her prescriptions, but was unable to do so while her husband was in the hospital. Sensing a clear need, Jay looked up and found the closest pharmacy open on this particular weekend. On his lunch break, Jay drove, filled, and delivered the prescriptions to his patient's wife. This instance is one of many examples in which Jay has gone above and beyond expectation to not only help Renown's patients, but their families as well.

Additionally, Jay works extraordinarily hard to help our chaotic floor run smoothly. He regularly volunteers for extra shifts, both day and night. Having recently been certified for cortrax placement, Jay was more than willing to place and replace much needed feeding tubes throughout the hospital including the emergency department. Our entire team appreciates all the hard work and diligent effort that Jay has put into helping our floor run smoothly and making Renown a phenomenal place to work.

Jay is a caring nurse, who does excellent work, is eager to collaborate with his teammates, and shows integrity in all that he does.