Jennifer Holloway

Jennifer Holloway, RN

Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

Jennifer Holloway is a wonderful nurse. She takes excellent care of her patients. They are well informed on the status of their care. I state these things about Jennifer, because of a selfless act that she performed on Sunday, December 19th. Jennifer was leaving a toy store on this day. As she was on the way to her vehicle, she heard someone asking for help. A man had fallen onto the pavement of the parking lot. He was clearly aspirating with no pulse. Jennifer went to assist the man. She was coincidently joined by a doctor, who was also on the scene. They began CPR on the man in the parking lot. Help arrived after several minutes of chest compressions by Jennifer. As she left for her car, she was visibly shaken. She talked to me about the man wearing the Christmas sweater, with gifts in hand. Jennifer told me that she felt badly, because she didn’t even know his name. She told me that she hoped that he had made it, since he barely had a pulse. Jennifer spoke with such passion and heartfelt concern for a fellow human-being, whom she had never met. The next day I found out who the man was. He worked with my brother at the Department of Human Services. The man was an advocate for children. Unfortunately, he had passed away. He was 44 years old. This man had a five year old. I found it so ironic that my brother knew him. I could hardly wait to get to work, to tell Jennifer who he was. She was pleased to hear of what a wonderful individual he was. Isn’t it wonderful how the Lord places us with strangers in our lives? Jennifer was there in his time of need. Although he did not make it here, we have to believe that God needed one more Christmas Angel. I think it helped Jennifer to know this.
We have very good nurses on our floor. A few are the epitome of what a caring nurse should be. Jennifer is one of those kinds of nurses. I am glad she is here with us. She is spreading her wonderful talents and commitments to our patients. Jennifer has touched us in a very profound way. Her heart is open and her nursing skills are above reproach.