Jennifer N Cano

Jennifer Cano

Jennifer N Cano, BSN, RN, CMSRN

2 South
Doctors Hospital
Coral Gables, Florida
United States
When my grandmother was in the hospital, it was Jennifer who would come by and make sure that her needs were met, even if she wasn't our nurse for the day.

At 107-years-old, my grandmother was feisty and full of life. Each time, she has always ended up on the same floor of the hospital and has had the benefit of an amazing nurse that taken her in and made her part of her family.

Jennifer Cano has been a Godsend and has personally advocated for the care of my grandmother. Always providing care, dignity, and an expert level of experience that is hard to find. She always went out of her way to make sure she was comfortable and was on her way to getting better.

When my grandmother was in the hospital earlier this year for respiratory issues, it was Jennifer who would come by and make sure that her needs were met, even if she wasn't our nurse for the day. She is a natural giver, is honest and direct, and treated our family with respect and patience. Not an easy thing with our family. Jenny would come by the room, and interact with her and get her to sing, or tell a story of her childhood, always getting abuela back in a good mood. With treatment and the expert care of Jennifer, my grandmother was able to recover and return home. A few months later, after an unfortunate incident, my grandmother returned to the hospital with a broken femur and hip.
When Jennifer found out she was returning, she stayed for hours after her shift and met with me and my grandmother in the Emergency Room admittance. She was able to collaborate with the staff and administration in order to make sure that she would have the best care available, even though the end was near for her.

I recognize all the things Jennifer did on a professional and personal level to make sure that my grandmothers last days were comfortable, and as painless as possible. It meant more than I can express in words. I stayed with my grandmother as much as I could, and when I couldn't, I felt peace and a sense of calm knowing that Jennifer would be there when I couldn't. Jennifer demonstrates her compassion and kindness on a level that is seldom seen, and I am grateful to have met her. She brightens up the room when she walks in, makes you laugh and smile when you need it, and is there to hold your hand through the tough times. She is a ray of sunshine. Jenny Rocks! The DAISY Foundation has had many nominees, and I could not think of a more deserving nurse.