Jennifer Zettner

Jennifer Zettner

Jennifer Zettner, RN

Medical Surgical
St. Luke's Baptist Hospital
San Antonio, Texas
United States

From the moment we arrived, Jennifer made a lasting impression. Not only did she welcome us with open arms, but she always worked to maintain a level of excellence in care that I have never seen before. Our stay at St. Luke's was brief, however, we were hard pressed to want to leave after experiencing what it was like to be cared for by such a sweet and dedicated nurse. At this time, she was 6 months pregnant, which was a feeling I myself had just experienced. She took the time to talk to me and connect on a personal level (while still maintaining professionalism) as we shared stories about our journey through pregnancy and our dreams and goals of new motherhood.

She made me excited to see her each time she walked through our door. She kept us educated on what to expect during our stay, what goals to aim for, and always took the time to make me feel special. She is a true asset to St. Luke's. We could choose to be with her every time, if we could.

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