Jesse Clements

Jesse Clements

Jesse Clements, RN, CCRN

Surgical Trauma ICU
Tampa General Hospital
Tampa, Florida
United States
He laughed with us and he cried when we cried to mourn the loss of my father.

There are incredibly special people who enter and exit lives whose sole purpose is to comfort all who come in contact with them.  Some would call them angels.  This one has a name and it is Jesse Clements.   

Before I left for a 10-day business trip, my father was scheduled to come home from rehab by the time I returned on Tuesday.  On Tuesday I came home to find my father having a relapse and a second case of sepsis, the thing that almost killed him the first time he was admitted.  While the details aren't important, what is important was how Jesse was able to comfort our family during a three-day journey of losing our husband, father and grandfather.   

I got to the hospital on Day 2 and I see Jesse scurrying around trying to make my father feel comfortable while determining how he could "make him better".  He made me feel welcome and I knew we were in great hands as he was completely focused on my father's well-being while trying to bring me up to speed.  He clearly had things under control in what really was a situation quickly spiraling downward.  He was always kind and gentle with my father and warm with my family.   He made what was truly a painful experience into one where he became a part of our family.  He laughed with us and he cried when we cried to mourn the loss of my father.  He was the first to hug my mother -- and it was quite the site considering he's 6'3" or taller and my mom is a tad under 5' tall.  He was an absolute Godsend at a time where we needed a gentle yet firm voice.   

We had many challenges along the way and Jesse was truly a bright spot in this long and somewhat horrific journey.