Jessica Estey

Jessica Estey, RN, BSN

B5 Telemetry
Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals - Methodist Hospital Division
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

On February 17, 2012, Jessica was caring for an elderly patient who had many special needs and requests. Throughout the day she would frequently check on him and see what she could do to make him more comfortable. She brought him water, blankets, crackers, and anything else he asked for, but he looked very unhappy. The patient was very depressed and anxious about being discharged home on Monday that he could not relax at all. She sat and talked with him awhile and could see he was itching to get out of his room. Friday happened to be a very nice day, so she got him a wheelchair with portable oxygen and took him outside for some fresh air. The patient was so grateful for Jessica taking the time out of her day to give him some one-on-one time. He told her it was exactly what he needed to change his mood. When Jessica came back to the floor with her patient, it was the first time I had seen him smile since his arrival to the unit three weeks before. Her compassion and enthusiasm towards the challenges we face as nurses definitely won this patient’s heart. Thank you Jessica!