Jessie Whittaker

Jessie Whittaker

Jessie Whittaker, BSN, RN, CMSRN

Acute Care Float Pool
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, Oregon
United States
From the outside, it looked as if Jessie was taking care of the entire family, not just the patient.

Jessie exemplifies the definition of compassion towards patients and their families. When Jessie was on night shift I would often get feedback from patients following her care that she was truly one of the best nurses they have ever had. I remember one time when Jessie was new to the float pool and as she was orienting with me a patient said, “Her demeanor is so comforting, it helps make this difficult situation a little better”.

As her preceptor I knew that she was going to be an absolutely amazing float pool nurse. Being able to make an impact on a patient like she does is essential to being a successful float nurse. We often never get the same patient assignment or the ability to develop long term relationships with our patients. The fact that she can do this in just a few hours is key to institutional success regarding the patient experience.

Recently, Jessie demonstrated above and beyond delivery of care with a particularly difficult patient situation on 14C. She floated to 14C over a short staffed weekend and was able to take care of this patient and their family for three shifts in a row. As I mentioned above, this does not happen often in float pool. The family was very concerned about their loved one regarding a new diagnosis and life prognosis. She did her best to help them through the grieving process and through the unfamiliar environment of the hospital. When I asked Jessie what she did for that patient in her words she said, “The family was very concerned about the patient and his diagnosis and outlook. I tried to help them through the steps and communicated the plan of care every day as well as any potential changes”.  Moreover, she developed daily goals and anticipated the patient and family’s needs. From the outside, it looked as if she was taking care of the entire family, not just the patient.

The family wrote Jessie a note to express how they felt about the 3 days they had with her, and this is what it said: “Jessie! Thank you for the warm, sympathetic, caring, and ever understanding, smiley, uber patience, and amazing care you gave to our MC (we had lots of adjectives come to mind). You have made a lasting positive impression on our family and we are so grateful for not only the giving amazing nursing care but for lifting the spirits of MC.”

Jessie goes above and beyond every day to ensure that her patients are well cared for in a holistic manner. Patient satisfaction is one thing, but she strives for a shining patient experience every day for every patient. Thank you, Jessie, on behalf of the float pool and the patients for being one of the best nurses at OHSU.