Jill Zimmerman

Jill Zimmerman, RN

Intermediate Care Unit
Meritus Medical Center
Hagerstown, Maryland
United States

Jill Zimmerman, a nurse from the Intermediate Care Unit at Meritus Medical Center was selected as our DAISY Award Honoree. Jill was nominated by a recent patient.

This gentleman was traveling through Hagerstown with his wife and was in a tragic accident. “As I lay there helpless, I heard a voice. It was a beautiful voice, full of compassion and caring. She simply stated at first that she was a nurse. She never said her name … I never got to see the woman’s face at the scene, but her reassuring voice made me calm, knowing that someone was there to help not just me, but my wife. I heard her saying soft, comforting words to my wife, what I later learned may have been the last things she heard here on this earth. I don’t know what she said, but could tell by the cadence and tone that they were truly the words of an angel. I know that God was with me that day, and in the days after the accident. I know because he sent me an angel to help us. My wife passed away at Meritus Medical Center, but I take great comfort in knowing that this angel was part of her journey to heaven.”