Jolynn Gibson

Jolynn Gibson, RN III

Stem Cell Transplant
UAMS Medical Center
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States

Here is what the staff on F7 had to say about Jolynn dedication to nursing and her patients and families:

“Jolynn cares deeply for her patients as well as their families. She always goes the extra mile to make them feel comfortable. On many occasions, we have witnessed her sitting with the patient and family when the patient is at the end of life. She will hold a hand, offer a comforting word or just listen. She will follow-up with her patients and families and make calls on her own time to see how they are doing.”

“Another example comes to mind with a particular autism patient. Jolynn took him under her wing and gave him much needed extra attention and care. She went above and beyond because he had no family with him. She continued to call him after discharge to ensure all was well. These kinds of actions come naturally for her.”

So many staff members on F7 signed the nomination form and provided the following homage to their co-worker: “Jolynn provides compassion, education, kindness, knowledge, support and thoughtfulness each and every day. Her nurse-patient interaction is superior as well as her tremendous dedication and sacrifices. She will never tell anyone what she does; she just does it because of her tender heart. She does what a compassionate nurse should do each and every day.”