Jones 9 Critical Care Unit

Jones 9 Critical Care Unit

Jones 9 Critical Care Unit, RNs and More

Critical Care Unit
Virginia Mason
Seattle, Washington
United States

Last year we brought our mother into the emergency room at Virginia Mason and it was discovered that she had a terminal diagnosis. She passed away several weeks later at a skilled nursing facility with hospice care. During the nearly four weeks that our mom was treated at Virginia Mason, we got to know the medical, surgical, and administrative teams in various wings of the hospital. Every person we encountered during this difficult time was professional and knowledgeable, but we will remember them most for their many kindnesses in the face of the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that come with a sudden and dire prognosis. What an outstanding group of professionals who were a bright presence during a dark time.

The CCU staff seemed to have infinite patience, whether mentoring colleagues or explaining complex procedures to family members. Furthermore, the team never lost sight of our mom as a person, even though our mom could barely communicate. They worked to see the vibrant, intelligent, caring person behind the disease. Mom was not just a patient, but a person.

We felt the team was not only caring for our mom, but also for us. They were upbeat without being false, truly kind and compassionate. They attended to our needs so that we could be present for mom. The CCU staff shared in the roller coaster of emotions we experienced before, during, and after the surgeries. They joined in the impromptu dance parties we had and helped us understand the risks around key decisions. They patiently worked to find good veins for her IV and worked hard to understand our mom's preferences even when her communication skills were failing. We hope you’ll recognize the CCU team with this DAISY Team Award honor.