Jordan Bondie

Jordan Bondie

Jordan Bondie, RN, BSN

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
On Valentine's Day, Jordan even brought in boxes of candy for the kids.

Jordan Bondie exemplifies the DAISY Award. She is hands down one of the best nurses, preceptor, and charge nurse on our floor. She has precepted most of our nurses and is a great role model for them. Jordan has a way of being very kind, patient, gentle, and approachable. No question is ever too dumb or request for help ever too inconvenient for her. I can honestly say that my experience as a nurse has been largely influenced by Jordan. In addition to being an amazing role model and co-worker to us, she is also just as amazing to her patients and patients' families. She goes above and beyond for each of her patients, and you can clearly see that this isn't simply just a job to her. The level of care, compassion, and love she shows each patient is incomparable. Whether she has a "busy" assignment or not, you can always count on her running around because she spends as much time as possible with her patients.

I have seen the way patients and parents interact with Jordan, thank her, and say goodbye to her; you can see that she truly makes a lasting impact on them and the amount of gratitude they have for her. Where another nurse may say that a child is inconsolable or shy, Jordan finds a way to break down those barriers. She takes the time to hold alone babies, including feeding them rather than asking her tech to, and she takes the time to sit with and talk to alone kids and will even get them food if needed.

On Valentine's Day, Jordan even brought in boxes of candy for the kids. Jordan gets countless amounts of Catch Me at My Best. I haven't even dived into her skill-set as a nurse either, but for the sake of brevity, I will end by saying Jordan often gets very difficult assignments because everyone knows that she can handle it. Her critical and quick-thinking skills are on point. She advocates for her patients and has transferred or assisted with the transfer of many kids to PICU. She is also often volunteered to float and act as Charge for Obs when opened, and she is known well across many floors at Scottish Rite. If anyone deserves to be honored with a DAISY Award, it’s Jordan Bondie.