Josh Bickford

Josh Bickford, RN

Trauma Neuro ICU
UPMC Hamot
Erie, Pennsylvania
United States
Not only is Josh an excellent nurse, but he was so compassionate, he was concerned about me.

My husband was admitted to ICU east (Neuro Intensive Care Unit) and arrested.  He was shocked several times and I was told he was not going to make it.  I asked if I could stay in the room with my husband.  As a cardiac nurse, I just could not leave him.  The night nurse Josh Bickford was just excellent.  He kept me informed of G’s progress, his labs, the drips he was on, his prognosis.  I just can’t say enough about Josh.  Not only is he an excellent nurse, but he was so compassionate, he was concerned about me.  He wanted me to save my energy and rest.  He was so personable, I felt welcomed and he gave me hope that G could get better.  And because of the excellent nursing care-G is home and doing very well.  Thank You, Josh.

We live in Ohio and were on a weekend visit near Buffalo, NY.  G got sick and I took him to Dunkirk.  They life-flighted him to your hospital per my request.  When I arrived, G had arrested.  The rest is history.

I am a nurse of 44+ years.  I have worked in cardiology, an ICU, and open heart surgery ICU.  I love my profession and currently, I am an adjunct professor at the College of Wooster, training students who are on a health career track to be health coaches.  I am the director of the Community Care Network at Wooster Community Hospital.

I know how difficult our career can be at times and I felt that Josh was just so extraordinary in caring for my husband and me.  I am really impressed with your hospital.  Thank you for recognizing this wonderful, compassionate, clinically excellent nurse.

We love you, Josh!