Juan Cortez

Juan Cortez, RN

Juan Cortez, RN

Neurology Unit
Good Samaritan Hospital
Dayton, Ohio
United States
He is well thought of by all his team members and peers.

This RN truly works with a team-based mind set. He is always more than willing to jump in and lend a hand or work an extra shift or part of a shift to help our unit. He is well thought of by all his team members and peers.

He has a sincere compassion with his bedside manner that helps our patients feel at ease and comfortable. He truly is concerned about their comfort and ability to understand their care plan and that they have all that they need for a successful recovery.

One day Juan was off work and we had a non-English speaking patient on our unit we were trying to get ready for discharge. The patients’ family members were also non-English speaking as well. We were unable to get an interpreter to assist in explaining the discharge options and medications to the patient. So, we again, leaned on the possibility of getting in touch with Juan on his fay off to see if he could come in to speak to this patient. He was more than happy to help and drove directly into work while still in his street clothes to meet and communicate with the patient, social worker and the RN to ensure the patient had the knowledge required to achieve a successful discharge. Quite possibly prevented a quick readmit by making sure the patient and family had a thorough understanding of the discharge expectations.