Karen Ackerman

Karen Ackerman, RN

Nazareth Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

As a Respiratory Therapist at Nazareth for 26 plus years, I have worked with a multitude of nurses but to me no one can hold a candle to Karen Ackerman. Karen, for many years now is the go to person for any RN, therapist, or any other member of the health care team. She is the most knowledgeable about all aspects of nursing that instills confidence in her care of her patients. To me and many of my co-workers, she is what an Intensive Care nurse should be. She is always calm and professional in sometimes very tense situations. The true test is would I want this nurse to take care of me or a member of my family and the answer is a resounding yes. She has in the past, taken care of my dad with excellence, compassion and totally put him at ease. Nazareth is very lucky to have an RN of Karen’s skill and experience. We are lucky for all she has taught us along the way!