Karen Bridegroom

Karen Bridegroom

Karen Bridegroom, RN, ASN

Case Management
Franciscan Health Michigan City
Michigan City, Indiana
United States
The family was so grateful that Karen showed such determination and compassion for someone she did not even know.

I would like to take the time to recognize a nurse who comes to work every day with those exact qualities. Karen is a Case Manager for ICU and 2E. We couldn't be more blessed to have her on our floor. Let me give you some examples that show her fidelity to our mission and the love she has for each patient she cares for:

On 2E, we had a patient who would be going home with Palliative Care. His insurance would not pay for the very needed BiPAP that would help to sustain his life. Karen looked tirelessly for a place that would pay for it. When we thought we would have to send him home with only oxygen, Karen located a company that sold used BiPAPs. Somehow, she worked her magic and got the BiPAP at a reasonable cost to the family, and was able to get the mouth piece at no charge. The family was so grateful that she showed such determination and compassion for someone she did not even know.

There was a patient that was a high fall risk but needed nursing home placement. Karen looked everywhere for a place that would accept someone with falls and that needed a sitter. This patient had to wait for five days, but Karen never gave up. She came to me one day and said, "I'm going to find this person a home. She deserves someplace to live just as much as we do." By that afternoon, she had found a place that not only would accept this patient but would care for this patient as if they were family.

The manager from surgery came into ICU one day looking for help. A pediatric patient in surgery was vented and needed to be transferred immediately to another facility, and they were unsure how to prepare for the transfer. Karen stopped what she was doing, found accepting doctors at a hospital in Indianapolis, arranged for air transport, took care of the insurance portion, and then sat with the mother and grandmother of the child until the helicopter arrived. She made sure they both were able to see the patient before she left, and made sure they had adequate transportation to Indy as well. Karen didn't have to do any of this but did so without hesitation because that is how she comes to work every day.

Karen treats every patient equally. She has a passion for this job and the people she meets every day. Karen is a true DAISY Nurse.