Karey Bruton

Karey Bruton

Karey Bruton, RN, BA

Carolinas HealthCare System University
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States
Karey was so kind and gentle with her care; I could feel it, see it, and hear it in her words and mannerisms.

I was recently a patient and received excellent care throughout the entire experience, but Karey stands out for her care given to me and my family.  I was 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant with our first child, a boy.  That Saturday night I had decreased fetal movement and went to the ER.  The roles had flipped, and I had gone from being a strong and confident ICU nurse to a sad and scared patient. 

Karey met my husband and me in the ER and escorted us to the unit where she proceeded to place a fetal monitor on me to check my baby's heartbeat.  She was having a difficult time finding it and calmly got the doctor in the room to perform a fetal ultrasound.  After a few seconds of silence, I knew something was wrong.  There was no heartbeat.  The unimaginable had happened.  We were so close to what was supposed to be the most joyful time in our lives and it had quickly turned into a living nightmare.  Karey gave my husband and me the time needed to process what was happening, and I was then admitted to deliver my baby. 

Karey was supposed to be going home at 1 am that night but stayed to take care of me.  She stayed late that night and came in extra the next night to ensure continuity of care.  I don't recall much of that first night, but I do remember how Karey took care of us the following nights in the hospital.  She demonstrated extraordinary holistic nursing care and went above and beyond with each encounter I experienced with her.  She made pain control and comfort her top priority.  My mom and husband stayed each night with me.  Karey brought in a cot, blankets, and pillows for each of them.  Again, she not only took excellent care of me but cared for my family just as much.  It was like she had three patients, she did a wonderful job. 

On a nursing unit that was usually full of excitement and joy, Karey was able to step out of her norm and provide supportive care for me and my grieving family.  She and other nursing staff made a special box with our son's handprint and footprint molds and a lock of his hair.  These items are priceless and are the only tangible objects we have of our son.  Karey was so kind and gentle with her care; I could feel it, see it, and hear it in her words and mannerisms.  She treated me like a family member and that's how all patients wish to be treated.  Karey not only took excellent care of me while in the hospital but continued to show her support and respect by coming to the visitation.  It was such a pleasant surprise to see her there.  I felt so much joy and pride while introducing her to others (especially to my fellow nurses) as "the awesome nurse who had taken care of me during the most difficult time of my life”.  

I have been a nurse for almost eleven years, all at Carolinas Medical Center, so I have known a lot of nurses.  Karey demonstrated compassion, thoughtfulness, and sympathy with my family.  I hope to see Karey at a happier time in my life, she has definitely found her calling.  She is the true meaning of what it is to be a nurse and is indeed a DAISY!