Kelli Gainey

Kelli Gainey, RN

Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
United States

Kelli is a newer nurse on 7E, returning to nursing after a 10 yr absence. She has worked hard to get back into the nursing routine. However, the one thing she did not have to work to regain was her compassionate spirit. Kelli recently made a profound impact on a complex adolescent trauma patient who was on our unit for several weeks. Every time I would make rounds he recognized "Ms Kelli" for going above and beyond to meet his needs. He would recognize her even when she was off and request her when she returned. This young man was very anxious, in pain and needed a lot of reassuring. While some other staff needed to take a break from his involved care, Kelli eagerly took care of him every time she was scheduled. When I asked this young man what Kelli did that was so outstanding, he commented, "Ms Kelli is like my adoptive mom". You see, he had previously been taken away from his mother's custody and was now being taken from his sister's custody. He said Kelli would talk to him when he was awake at night and stay in his room if he was scared. He confided in her that he wanted to turn his life around. Kelli provided great clinical care to him, being the nurse that was on when he had to be rushed back to the STICU twice during his stay. She also offered an open, non-judgemental heart and a compassionate approach when he needed it the most. Kelli has become the most often recognized RN by patients and families in her 6 months on 7E. I think Kelli is most deserving of this recognition. I am proud to have her on our team.