Ken Adams

Ken Adams, BSN, RN, PMH, SAMA

Zale Lipshy Psych
UT Southwestern University Hospitals
Dallas, Texas
United States

Ken Adams, RN is an outstanding nurse and fellow team member. As our ECT program has grown, he has capably and willingly stepped up into a leadership role. Seeing a need for continuity of care, both as a patient in the program and after their discharge, Ken has organized and implemented a system of referral summary and discharge follow up calls that allow patients to continue to receive the care and support they need. In addition, he takes the time to get to know each and every patient that comes through the program. He is conscientious of every detail, even knowing the distance they travel and special accommodations that need to be made for scheduling them.

Ken leads the ECT team as a role model of excellence in nursing, patient care, advocacy for our patients and families, and mentoring staff. He manages the scheduling and makes sure that all of the necessary pre-op labs, paperwork and assessments are done. He has fulfilled the program coordinator position without being asked, and has done it effortlessly and effectively. He is always willing to help his colleagues in any way needed. His positive attitude toward everyone is refreshing and helps to put anxious clients at ease. Over and over patients state that they are "grateful, happy and at ease" to know that Ken will be in the procedure room taking care of them. One patient even referred to him as "my angel" due to his compassionate and caring attention to her. He works interdepartmentally to modify our processes to make the procedure and recovery compliant, safe and efficient.

Ken has taken the initiative to do research on best practices with regards to patient recovery and discharge and frequently is able to help with a new and better intervention when a patient is struggling to wake up and is agitated and frightened. His commitment and passion for psychiatric patients and their families is inspiring to everyone he works with.

In addition to his amazing professional care, Ken has taken on the role of caretaker for an elderly couple in an independent living complex. He spends several hours a week taking them to appointments, grocery shopping and helping them with managing their resources, health care and end of life planning. He also has generously supported Children International for a number of years, not only giving monetarily, but also taking the time to become pen pals with the children and their families. He continues to keep in touch with them even after they graduate and provides support and guidance as needed throughout their life. He spends much of his free time giving to others.