Kendall Bills

Kendall Bills

Kendall Bills, RN

Cardiac Telemetry
UW Medicine Valley Medical Center
Renton, Washington
United States

I have a couple handfuls of health problems that can be very detailed and hard to manage. When Kendall started off as my daytime nurse she was very kind, compassionate and caring from the beginning. My pain and symptoms can be hard to manage and treat, but Kendall always gives it her all to make sure that I am comfortable. She always filled me in about what was going on. She even took extra time to build rapport. I always let her know that she was my favorite. I could keep going and going. She is the best!


Being a patient and the mom of a patient that is in strange new place is not fun. Usually at a hospital, you see many nurses and other staff only once. The nurses here at Valley Medical Center are ALL nice and kind. Kendall made us feel the most comfortable, made what is not normal seem more normal.