Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson, RN

Carolinas HealthCare System - Lincoln
Lincolnton, North Carolina
United States

I would like to nominate Kevin Johnson, RN in the Emergency Department for the DAISY Award.

On Thursday, February 24, 2011 there was a pediatric code brought to the hospital. This was not just any patient, but the son of one of the Emergency Department staff members. While the entire ED team sprung into action, Kevin was the rock that provided the stability and compassion throughout the code. Kevin oversaw the process as he and other team members would provide care and then pull off for a few minutes to weep, as things were not progressing in a positive direction.

In the midst of the code, the ED began to fill up, not only in the rooms open in the back, but also in the waiting room. Even though Kevin was under great professional and personal stress due to the situation in the trauma room, he went into the ED waiting room and announced to all those experiencing extended waits, that we were experiencing an emergency situation, that he and others were there to take care of them, and please do not leave, we will be happy to see each one of those waiting. From that example of customer service and patient satisfaction excellence, Kevin then proceeded to re-enter the very active code and continue his excellent work.

As soon as the pediatric code was flown out, Kevin immediately came out of the trauma room and began ministering to and giving care to those patients waiting, without missing a beat. Many people do not realize that Kevin is a deeply spiritual and Christian man, as well as a very professional nurse, and I know without a doubt he was praying for this child, family and co-workers, all the while he was doing his very important work as a nurse. You see, Kevin knows you cannot separate the compassion and caring from the clinical work that must be done, and he role models that to all of his co workers, each and every day. This shift was no exception, even though this was an exceptional shift.

Kevin Johnson very much deserves the DAISY Award to recognize compassion and caring for others, not only his patients, but his co-workers.