Kristie Fowler

Kristie Fowler

Kristie Fowler, RN

Mental Health
Asante Three Rivers Medical Center
Grants Pass, Oregon
United States

I heard somebody calling my name while I was waiting for the elevator…I heard my name again. Kristie Fowler popped her head out of her office and was waving me towards her. She was engaged in conversation over her headset with a patient who had been discharged two days prior from B station. Apparently the patient was going through a lot of mental health issues and was very distraught on the phone. Kristie was able to make a verbal “no harm to self” contract—which I witnessed and was very well done, by the way.

I then ran to get a crisis number and at the same time, noticed a mental health crisis worker was here on the unit. She agreed to come down to the office to make the attempt to speak with her and the patient agreed.

Kristie was relieved, after almost half an hour on the phone with this woman. I don’t know the final outcome, but it sure felt satisfying to know that we’re making a difference!!!