Lance Pippin

Lance Pippin, RN

Ochsner Medical Center - Main Campus New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana
United States

Lance is well deserving of the Daisy Award, Every day he represents what a Daisy Nurse should be. On One particular day he exemplified everything this award represents. On 7/10/09 Lance turned a difficult situation into a triumph for our floor. We had a combative, confused PEC patient that was attempting to leave forcefully. The patient was striking his nurse/sitter. Lance stepped into the room to help and was able to immediately calm the patient with out raising his voice or touching the patient. Lance alleviated any fears the patient had and made him feel safe. Lance stayed with the patient for over an hour talking to him and making him feel he had a friend visiting instead of a staff member. Lance acted as a true team player, a true patient advocate, a sensitive care giver and an expert clinician. Lance anticipated not only the patient's needs, but the needs of his patients and was able to care for them also through delegation. His years of experience have made him the expert clinician able to lead by example, anticipate patient needs individualize patient care to the situation.