Laura King

Laura King

Laura King, BSN, RN

Cardiac Surveillance Unit
Northwest Community Hospital
Arlington Heights, Illinois
United States

Laura King recently cared for an elderly woman with a severe gastrointestinal condition who also suffered dementia. Her family struggled to choose treatment options. Laura educated the family, provided emotional support, and answered the family's many questions. She obtained information on the recommended surgery for the family and generously spent time reviewing this until the family felt comfortable.

Another of Laura's patients was an elderly man experiencing severe agitation and confusion. The man was legally blind and had chronic pain. His family was upset with his care at the ECF where he stayed. Laura's calm, caring, professional manner helped the family feel confident in the treatment he would receive at NCH. Laura's empathic responses to the patients’ impairments reflect the truly compassionate nurse she is.

She made a profound difference for these patients and families.