Laura Renninger

Laura Renninger

Laura Renninger, RNC

medical surgical
WhidbeyHealth: Whidbey General Hospital
Coupeville, Washington
United States
Laura prayed with me and for me and strengthened my courage.

Laura Renninger’s patient was extremely grateful for the care Laura provided him during a critical bleeding incident during his hospitalization.

“I have an unusual blood type, so she jumped on that item to determine how to get the right blood type from Seattle.” He was impressed by her nursing skill but was mostly touched by her concern for his emotional and spiritual wellbeing. “She prayed with me and for me and strengthened my courage.”  At the end of that prayer, he did not let go of Laura’s hand but instead offered his own prayer to “thank God for the highly trained compassionate nurses that were working to save me.” There are grace, conviction, and kindness in Laura which she offers freely to those that need her care.  She is a hero in every sense of the word!

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