Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore, RN

Neuro ICU
Methodist University Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

...Having suffered a severe debilitating stroke the evening of August 1 while at their home in Missouri, my Mother was discovered Sunday morning and flown directly to Memphis and then to the emergency room. She was transferred that day to the Neuro ICU on the Fourth Floor. I give you this brief history in an attempt to better describe where and by whom my Mother received treatment the first few days of her admission. She was later transferred to the 8th floor for a brief stay prior to leaving for the Methodist Hospice Facility where she passed away in September.

At my age (67) and my mother being in her 80's at the time of her death, I have had opportunities to learn my way around a number of hospitals, both locally and outside the Memphis area. I am both pleased and anxious to say that I never have I encountered both as a group or individuals, a staff of personnel who were more helpful, caring and more sensitive than the individuals who cared for my Mother during her admission.

She was unable to speak and was paralyzed the entire right side of her body. While in need of a great deal of personal assistance and attention, she was treated with respect and courtesy on a level far beyond that which I have ever personally experienced.

I would particularly like to commend nurses Rebecca Ralph and Lauren Whitmore on the 4th floor Neuro ICU unit who continually made efforts to comfort us as a family while caring for my Mother's every need. What sweet young ladies!