Laurie Clark-Grubbs

Laurie Clark-Grubbs, RN

Winchester Medical Center
Winchester, Virginia
United States

I gave birth to our daughter late in the evening. I tried to breastfeed but our baby wouldn't latch-devastating to a new mom especially when all the books and websites tell you that you "NEED" to breastfeed your baby!

When Laurie came by our room she was so helpful and reassuring. She helped get us latched but gave me her cell phone number just in case there were problems when we got home.

After two nights of my baby screaming and not latching at home I called Laurie at three in the morning. I felt so guilty for waking her but she assured me it was no problem. We talked over the phone and she even called me back a few hours later to check on us. I was so amazed that she remembered during her busy day.

A few days later we met her for an outpatient consult. When she asked how everything was other than the breastfeeding troubles that brought us in I mentioned that I thought our baby looked a little jaundiced but everyone else kept telling me "no, she's perfect." Laurie jumped to get another Mother/Baby nurse to do a bili-scan and called our Pediatrician's office when the results were bordering on dangerous. We ended up back in the hospital that afternoon to get treatment, thanks to Laurie.

I really feel like she saved our daughter just by taking the time to do a quick scan. She's met with me several other times to correct all of our breastfeeding issues which were causing me a lot of postpartum anxiety. Every time she helps me she is so caring and patient. We can't thank her enough.