Linda Amadon

Linda Amadon

Linda Amadon, RN

4 Pavilion
St. Peter's Health Partners - Samaritan Hospital
Troy, New York
United States

Linda is an "old school" nurse. She is excellent in her nursing skills yet goes over and beyond in her personal interactions with her patients.

My father arrived via ambulance. He had a UTI/bladder infection and was severely dehydrated. Being that my dad is 82 years old, he gets nervous and with the added dehydration, he was very confused. The "old school" style of taking the time to get to know the patient and their life definitely made my dad feel very comfortable at the hospital. A few times my dad got fidgety and Linda sat down on the bed next to my dad and said, "What is bothering you? Are you nervous?" She then took the time to listen to my dad's concerns and worries and put his mind at ease.

On one of Linda's days off, my dad got very anxious and nervous without her. If Linda had worked that day, I am sure she could have calmed him down.