Linda Collins

Linda Collins, RN

LewisGale Hospital - Pulaski
Pulaski, Virginia
United States
My brain was an empty sponge and Linda filled it.

Linda is a good one!  She gave me more information than I had the entire time I was there.  I never had oxygen before and she gave me a lot of information, my brain was an empty sponge and she filled it.  I truly respect that woman.


I can verify that Linda Collins takes the time to educate the patients in all areas and is recognized for the outstanding care and connection she has with her patients.  This is not an occasional event, but it is continuous. She gets compliments during Nurse Leader Rounds and callbacks.  Patients know her name and are able to share the wonderful experience they had when Linda is their nurse.  She has had more compliments than any other nurse on med-surg from our patients.  Outstanding nurse!