Lisa Lynam

Lisa Lynam, RN

5 South - General Surgery
The Christ Hospital Health Network
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

Lisa has shown extraordinary care to our family for several years. We first met Lisa about five years ago when my husband had been in a car accident and had surgery performed at another local hospital. Two days later, my father suffered a heart attack and needed a stent put in his heart. That same morning my sister, who also works at Christ Hospital, was in the emergency room. She was admitted to Lisa's floor,5 South, with a perforated diverticuli. Lisa was very caring and tried to help my sister and I deal with the situation while keeping the truth from my parents since my father was dealing with his own medical issues. She came in and worked very hard to meet our every need. Lisa understood the need to limit visitors to my sister's room since she worked there. My sister's pain was increasing and so was her blood pressure. Less than an hour,after leaving the hospital, Lisa called to tell me that my sisterneeded emergent surgery. Lisa helped call the family members. My sister enede up in the intensive care unit. Lisa stopped in to check on her becuase she was genuinely caring. Lisa showed concern for me and my family as a whole. Over the next five years, Lisa and I would see each other in the cafeteria and she would always ask how my husband and family were. Lisa has a genuine caring attitude and will stand up for the rights of the patient.Lisa's nursing care skills, judgment and compassione is what our family really appreciates and I know she is making a difference in all the lives she touches as a nurse on 5 South. In my book she is the perfect example of an extraordinary nurse.