Luke Carter

Luke Carter

Luke Carter, RN

Orange Park Medical Center
Orange Park, Florida
United States
Luke never left my side and continued to calm me by simply just talking.

During an episode after taking a breathing treatment, I started to feel lightheaded and my chest became tight. I got up to go to the restroom when I started to cough suddenly, so hard that I couldn’t breathe. No matter I was over the top with the anxiety of not being able to breathe. I believe I pulled every nurse switch I could find.

During the process of choking and coughing, someone yelled for Luke Carter. He helped me by allowing me to lean on him to get me back on the bed. Meanwhile, like calm beyond calm, he put an oxygen mask on me and smiled. He asked me if I can talk, I said yes so, he reconfirmed I wasn't going to die. Truly I thought I was. He never left my side and continued to calm me by simply just talking. He never overreacted as I had never even met him before.

When Luke took off my oxygen mask, he said no biggie. He treated me as if I was his only patient. Sometime during my panic of not being able to breathe, I bent my IV backward, so he placed a new one and ensured I was ok. The other thing is that during this I had urinated all over myself which caused me to stress of embarrassment. I apologized 10 times and he said it was normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. That he had seen it all before. I normally do not feel comfortable with a male nurse, but he made me feel ok about it all. Thank you, Luke, for your understanding and quick thinking.