Lynn Ferrell

Lynn Ferrell, RN

High-Acuity Respiratory Unit (Inpatient)
CHI Franciscan Health - Harrison Medical Center: Bremerton and Silverdale
Bremerton, Washington
United States

Several stories arose as we discussed Lynn regarding her help to new RNs:

• “As a scared and tentative new nurse, fresh from nursing school and with no healthcare background or exposure except from what I received from nursing school, Lynn took me as her nursing resident. That was over five years ago, and I am still here on 2SE, thriving, on my first and only job as a nurse. I believe that nurses, or any profession or trade, are “made” in the first six months of practice, under the expert guidance and genuine support from a mentor. Looking back, I acknowledge that that time of my residency laid the strong foundation for what I am today.”

• “As a new RN, I found the number of journals overwhelming. From experience I knew that Lynn kept abreast of new developments in nursing through reading nursing journals. I went to Lynn to obtain recommendations on useful journals. I found her recommendations helpful to my professional development.”

• “On difficult days as a new RN, Lynn helped me to recognize what I had accomplished in a shift.”

Lynn was one of the first RNs on 2SE to obtain certification. Her example was followed by other RNs who sought her advice on which certification to obtain. As Lynn led in obtaining certification, she continues to be an unofficial leader among RNs on the floor:

• “Lynn continues to be a conscientious mentor, and a consistent role model whom I continually strive to emulate. One specific example is when she references physicians’ notes religiously as she verifies physicians’ orders. At times, as nurses, when our face-to-face communication with the physicians is limited for one reason or another, this is the next best thing at seeing a broader picture, checking consistency, and formulating our plan of care, which enables us to be more effectively advocate for the patients.”

• “Lynn is one of the RNs on 2SE that I go to for advice. She is particularly knowledgeable of medications. Every medication question I have asked, she has been able to answer. When practice standards are advanced, Lynn is aware of the changes and the reasons for the changes.”

• “Lynn not only possess knowledge and competence, she is also compassionate and a strong advocate for her patients.”

This is Lynn. This is what Lynn does consistently.