Margarita Konicova

Margarita Konicova, RN

DDC-6 East
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
United States

Patty recently cared for a family that had a loss that was anticipated. A mother delivered an infant with known anomalies. The family chose to carry the infant until term rather than terminating the pregnancy. The mother was also a health care professional and she was even more stressed than the average person due to her knowledge level. The baby delivered and lived for just a couple of hours. The mother wrote two letters to share the incredibly touching experience she had when Patty cared for her on L&D and when the nursing staff on 5West Antepartum also cared for her post delivery. The mother described Patty as someone that respected her wishes and someone that helped make the short time she had with her baby even more precious. The patient was so thankful for Patty because she felt like Patty knew what to say to make her feel a little better during a sad, difficult time. The patient and her husband wanted to make sure that Patty knew how blessed they felt as result of the tender and loving care she provided them with. Patty is being nominated on behalf of the family and in memory of their baby. As Patty's manager, I am concur that is very deserving to be honored with the DAISY Award.