Mary Ivy Chatto

Mary Ivy Chatto, RN

Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Medical Center
Sacramento, California
United States

“Written by family member … but sentiments are of both patient and all other family members.

We would like to nominate Ivy for the DAISY award. After being here nine days it is very aware that nurse Ivy not only displays clinical skill and knowledge but is extremely compassionate. As the patient’s daughter Ivy’s willingness to discuss my mom’s condition and care in an understandable manner was greatly appreciated. When doing her checks of incision sites and iliostomy she would explain them and their care at detail with my mom and myself. She talked about what would need to be done when we would go home and she wasn’t even the nurse to discharge us.

Additionally she not only took good care and compassion of my mom but she also took good care and had compassion for our whole family. She is the only nurse that remembered not only my mom but me, my sister, my mom’s visitors. She called us all by our names and would ask about them by name when they were not here. I can honestly say as the daughter of a patient having a life changing procedure the comfort of having Ivy’s smiling face and a “good morning Allison” was not only needed but greatly appreciated.

Even when not our nurse, Ivy asked about my mom when I saw her in the halls and even would pop in to check on her progress. We can honestly say that when in the car of Ivy that we rested easier, worried less, and probably healed faster. We believe of all the nurse we had she hands-down deserves the DAISY award on top our many thanks, gratitude, and the return of her heart warming smiles.”