Maureen Flanagan

Maureen Flanagan, RN

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Santa Rosa, California
United States

Maureen is a strong patient advocate who often takes time even in a busy shift to connect with a patient regardless of their condition or circumstance. She consistently is prepared to present her opinion and listens to the concerns of others. For instance a vulnerable at risk patient was set to be discharged home. There were safety concerns about this patient that Maureen believed needed to be discussed with the physician, the Lead and Case Manager. As a patient advocate Maureen was then driven to discuss the patient's disposition with her manager. Maureen took the time out of a very busy shift to seek out resources in order to support the patient after discharge to make sure the patient was safe once she was home. In collaboation with the other resources a plan was developed to call the patient and check in on her well being. Maureen’s tenacity to help this patient made all the difference to help a vulnerable and at risk patient. As a result of Maureen’s advocacy and resourcefulness she helped bring the appropriate resources to the patient after discharge.