Melissa Aszman

Melissa Aszman

Melissa Aszman, BSN, RN

4 South
Florida Hospital Tampa
Tampa, Florida
United States

I have been in the hospital for 19 days now, 18 of those with an NG Tube down my nose.  Although I am usually a very upbeat person, there are days that you just feel like giving up.  Melissa Aszman has been a constant bright spot in my day, regardless of whether I'm under her care or not that day.  Her nursing skills are exceptional, and all performed with a sense of humor. 

Melissa is compassionate and encouraging, always telling you what a great job you're doing even if it's just getting out of bed.  It is nice to know and feel that she genuinely cares and even seeks you out to check up with you even if you're not her responsibility for the day.  She has helped carry me through several of my "less than stellar" days and I appreciate all she does and what she stands for.  Kudos to Melissa for a job well done!

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