Melissa Batongmalaki

Melissa Batongmalaki, BSN, RN, CCRN, CVRN

ICU Clinical Educator
Clear Lake Regional Medical Center
Webster, Texas
United States

I wanted to take the time to write to you on behalf of myself and my sister to share with you the experience we had on the 2nd-floor neurotrauma and a phenomenal nurse Melissa Batongmaliki. By the time our precious mom ended up there after suffering a stroke at the heart and vascular hospital, she was unresponsive and we had to have the conversation with the Trauma doctor about honoring her advanced directive. Melissa was our “angel” from the time mom got there until she was transferred to the 6th floor. She was not only a more than competent nurse, but she was also caring, compassionate and was the only reason we could leave our mom there and know she was being taken care of. We knew that we would get a call to come as soon as she needed to let us know. And she did. She not only showed true care and compassion to our mother but also to me and my sister who were exhausted and experiencing every emotion you could imagine

Melissa needs to be commended for her excellent care. She treated our mom as if she were her own and us like family.