MICU Team of Nurses at St. John Hospital & Medical Center

MICU Team of Nurses at St. John Hospital & Medical Center, RN

Medical Intensive Care Unit
St. John Hospital & Medical Center
Detroit, Michigan
United States

This year, there have been some adversities in the MICU that have been outside of the nurse’s hands.  However, this group of people has shown the true meaning of teamwork, unity, and perseverance.  Not only do we consider each other co-workers, we also think of each other as friends and family.  This is one of the hardest working groups of individuals I have ever had the privilege to work with. They have shown that when the going gets tough, that’s when we are there for each other the most.  Even through staffing difficulties, the MICU nurses have spent many extra days and nights trying to fill in where it was needed.

Picking up extra days and nights, holidays and weekends to make sure our co-workers are able to practice safe and patient-centered nursing.  Even when we found ourselves frustrated with these difficulties that were outside of our control, when asked the reason behind these feelings, you would unanimously hear that these nurses felt that we could not provide the care that we knew our patient’s both needed and deserved.

The MICU nurses find themselves caring for an array of disease processes on a day to day basis.  No two days are ever the same, as are no two patients. Our knowledge base is constantly expanding and this team appreciates gaining more awareness of those things going on around us.  Many nurses this year have taken time out to expand their knowledge whether it be in being part of a Nurse Practitioner program, receiving their CRN, NIH certificate, FCCN certificate or many other advancements in education to help provide the best possible care we can provide to our patients.

This unit is definitely centered around teamwork from every admission which consists of having multiple extra sets of hands to get the patient set up, to emergent situations in which a nurse never finds themselves alone in a room.  There are often times when a nurse is so busy trying to get a patient stable or figure out a situation and without calling for help, they look up and a co-worker is standing by their side ready to assist in any way possible.  Nurses from opposite sides of the unit will receive calls or visits from a co-worker when something is seen on the monitor that just doesn’t seem right.  And in times of emergency, you can find the MICU nurses silently preparing everything without so much as a word being spoken about what to do next, because of the team we have formed.

Although we may have our ups and downs, this group of people is the definition of what nursing is all about.  The number one priority is always the patients and providing the best care possible for them and their families.  The unit displays so much teamwork and love for one another, that it is seen by our patients and their family members. We should be very proud of ourselves and all that we do every day.


Team Members honored with this DAISY Team Award:

Alexis Romzek RN, Amanda Stephens RN, Amanda Wilks RN, Andrea Vanloon RN, Ann Marie Scanio RN, Anne Grice RN, Ashlee Reardon RN, Barbara Deryckere RN, Berniece Amos-Jones RN, Bianca Gonzales RN, Bridget Kilgore RN, Brittany Champane RN, Brooke Champane RN, Carmella Bavol RN, Carolann Rose RN, Cece Cardozo RN, Christine Allor RN, Collin Moe RN, Danielle Sifford RN, Danielle Vandreel RN, Debbie Gouhg RN, Dina Archer RN, Donna Williams RN, Eriks Schikey RN, Geraldine Sutton RN, Jennifer Kulinski RN, Jennifer Ralko RN, Jessica Banning RN, Karen Bommarito RN, Karla Cook RN, Kathleen Reidy RN, Kathryn Sanford RN, Kathy Wandzel RN, Kelly Soderberg RN, Ken VanNortwick RN, Kimberly Viner RN, Ladonna Peters RN, Laura Allard RN, Laura Ryan RN, Lynn Burnett RN, Mary Jackson RN,

Mary Jo Mack RN, Michelle Jordan RN, Rachel Mastay RN, Samantha Lafrance RN, Sara Marquardt RN, Stacy Belisle RN, Stephanie Pickens RN, Tamara Hicks RN, Taylor Moran RN, Tobey Hinton RN, and Vanna Kazarian RN.