Mindee Zilic

Mindee Zilic

Mindee Zilic, RN

Women's and Children's Float Pool
Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois
United States

She immediately comes off as a caring and compassionate person, but her skill is
extraordinary. She has an exemplary knowledge of Labor & Delivery practices that,
most assured, prevented my wife from having a C-Section delivery. After 26 hours of
Laboring, she came in and worked every different position and tactic in her
experiences to help turn our baby in the correct position. After a call to the
doctor, she only had 1 ½ hours to accomplish this or she would be having a

It worked! My daughter came out the correct way with minimal damage to my
wife, She is what every nurse should strive to be like. It is clear to me that she
keeps up with the latest articles and tactics in care beyond what is required. There
are good, great and exceptional nurse and she is in a category above all of these.
She meets and exceeds all Rush University’s I-CARE values. My family was truly
blessed for having her as a nurse.

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